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NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 426: Day 9: How my Competitor Made Me $$$!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 426: Day 9: How my Competitor Made Me $$$!

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What My Business Looks like (a peek under the hood)

business marketing Jul 27, 2017

Today, transparency is more important than ever. Bold headlines touting "six-figure launch" or "7-figure business" sound great, but they never tell the whole story.  

I'm not saying people are lying (although some are!), but we rarely hear about the oh-so-important details behind those big...

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The 5 Ingredients to a Successful FB VIDEO Ad That Converts!

fb advertising marketing Jul 20, 2017

I have personally spent over $850,000 in Facebook Advertising, and although there are TONS of new advancements and opportunities to expand your reach with Facebook’s Ad Platform, VIDEO is a tool that has consistently outperformed in our campaigns.

My intention is to show you WHAT to...

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How I DOUBLED Sales with The 'Ask Method'

marketing Jul 10, 2017

I read 'ASK' about a year ago. I loved it, because of it's practical application and use, but also because of it's simplicity. It's really palm-to-forehead, "why didn't I think of that?" SIMPLE.  

The ASK Method is Simple:

Ask People What They Want. Then Give it to Them.  

...we tend...

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How to Attract High-Paying Clients

marketing Jun 21, 2017

Question: How do I attract high paying clients?

Answer: Raise your prices!

Personally I have been able to sell $14-­20,000 packages in coaching and consulting and I am still constantly looking for ways I can increase my own prices. If you are truly interested in learning how to...

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How to Create A Sales Video

marketing Jun 20, 2017

Whether you’re offering a physical product, your coaching, services, or digital training, you have to sell, even if you hate it! This is exactly why I get my videos to do the selling for me.

You’re probably wondering: what exactly do I do in a sales video and how long should it even...

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