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NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 426: Day 9: How my Competitor Made Me $$$!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 426: Day 9: How my Competitor Made Me $$$!

How to Create A Sales Video

marketing Jun 20, 2017

Whether you’re offering a physical product, your coaching, services, or digital training, you have to sell, even if you hate it! This is exactly why I get my videos to do the selling for me.

You’re probably wondering: what exactly do I do in a sales video and how long should it even be? To answer these questions we will be taking a look at one of the greatest sales videos to ever be created… The Squatty Potty®. Combining the power of effective marketing, the right sales sequence, and a dash of unicorn poop the Squatty Potty® was able to transform itself from a simple plastic footstool into a bathroom essential! Let’s break down the method of the Squatty Potty® so you too can use this simple formula to create your next sales video!

Warning: Bathroom talk and inappropriate language ahead! Do not continue reading unless your maturity level has not surpassed that of a seven year-old or you enjoy some good poop jokes! This could get a little messy…

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Step 1: Get Attention

There are several ways to “get attention” at the start of your video. Squatty Potty® uses a little humor with a dash of shock and awe by showing a mystic unicorn pooping rainbow soft serve into ice ­cream cones. This first step is absolutely crucial! If you don’t hook your audience and capture their attention, chances are they will click away for good. Don’t worry, a dessert-pooping fictional character isn’t the only way to do this; a simple question, interesting statistic, or a big promise is actually all you need.

Step 2: Identify the Problem

Everything you sell must solve a problem. The bigger the problem, the bigger the demand to solve it, and the more your product will sell. Squatty Potty® identifies the “health hazard” of sitting normally on toilets, which can cause a “kink in your hose,” or in the unicorn’s case, a lack of ice cream. But Squatty Potty® didn’t stop there….

Step 3: Agitate the Problem

It’s not always enough to just identify the problem you will be solving, you have to twist the knife and go deeper. What happens if this problem goes unchecked? What are the worst case scenarios? Squatty Potty® agitates its problem by explaining how the angle you sit on your toilet could cause hemorrhoids or constipation!

Step 4: Identify the Solution

Just when the pain becomes unbearable, it’s time to relieve your viewers with the solution. Keep in mind the solution is not you or your product. If you want your audience to buy your product, they first have to agree with your solution. Squatty Potty® suggests the solution of changing the way you sit on your toilet, leaving viewers to wonder how they might actually sit differently. The solution you present should create an inherent problem which compels your viewers to desire that new solution.

Step 5: Introduce the Product

“Introducing the Squatty Potty®,” the answer is actually your product! Notice that this process follows the simple sequence of problem, solution, problem, solution. The problem of a “kink in your hose” which puts you at risk for hemorrhoids was solved by switching the way you sit on your toilet, this caused the problem of how you’re actually supposed to sit differently which is then solved by the Squatty Potty®. Immediately after you introduce your product, hit your viewers with a big, fat promise. An example of this would be: “It will give you the best poop of your life, guaranteed!” You can only imagine what one of their customers’ email refund requests looks like….

Step 6: Results and Benefits

Now it’s time to share all the wonderful qualities your product possesses, such as what it can do and how it can benefit its users. What can your product do for its customers? “Squatty Potty® makes you go twice as fast or your money back!” How can you demonstrate any other unique features or selling points? Squatty Potty® “sneaks neatly out of sight thanks to its innovative patented design!” Most importantly, if you really want to put your selling on hyperdrive, make sure you clearly state the benefits. The best way to do this is to ask “so what?” after every feature you share.

Step 7: Your Call to Action

Now that you have created enough desire for your product that your viewers are literally racing to their wallets and breaking their piggy banks, it’s time to tell them what to do next. This is your call to action. “If you are a human being who poops from their butt, click here to order your Squatty Potty® today at” Notice Squatty Potty® uses a simple “if, then” statement: If you’re struggling with this problem, then click here to purchase. You must be able to tell people what to do next, that is your call to action.

Step 8: Social Proof

Step inside your viewers’ shoes for a moment… they have just been introduced to your great product but still haven’t made the purchase. Usually this is because of one huge reason: they don’t believe your product will work for them. This is where social proof comes in. Social Proof includes endorsements, testimonials, case­ studies, and reviews. “They are all crazy about the Squatty Potty®, not to mention the 2,000 Amazon users who gave the Squatty Potty® five stars!” If this still doesn’t work, well, maybe some people actually like having hemorrhoids!

There you have it, a simple break down of an incredibly well done sales video, all condensed into eight simple steps you can use to sell your product.

While poop jokes and potty talk are fun and interesting, they are not the secret to making a product sell. The real keys are the sequence and formula, and now, you have them both! So go forth and create your next sales video, and rest assured, it won’t be crappy!

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