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NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 426: Day 9: How my Competitor Made Me $$$!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 426: Day 9: How my Competitor Made Me $$$!

The 5 Ingredients to a Successful FB VIDEO Ad That Converts!

fb advertising marketing Jul 20, 2017

I have personally spent over $850,000 in Facebook Advertising, and although there are TONS of new advancements and opportunities to expand your reach with Facebook’s Ad Platform, VIDEO is a tool that has consistently outperformed in our campaigns.

My intention is to show you WHAT to say and do in a VIDEO AD to compel your visitors to TAKE ACTION with you. I’ve dissected the anatomy of a ‘perfect video ad’ into just 5 parts that can be performed by anyone with their smart phone (or fancy dslr camera!) or even on a quick and easy FB LIVE!

Some ‘SEXY’ Stats About FB Video:

I first launched my FB Video Ads program in 2014. Three years later, I’m JUST as excited about the possibility of video (both LIVE and recorded!) on Facebook, and what it can do to help get our message in front of more people!

 Here are some cool numbers...

 ...Facebook has 1.28 BILLION daily active users...

 ...Facebook is rated as the most impactful social channel for video - 8.4x higher than any other social channel out there!....

 ...Over 100 millions hours of Facebook videos are watched every day...

 ...A Facebook video receives, on average, 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo…

 ...Native videos on Facebook have 10 times higher reach compared to YouTube links...

 ...Lastly…videos are 6x more likely to be shared than photos….

 So if you’re not using Facebook VIDEO, you’re missing out! 


 Before We Begin…

I’ve been teaching video for a loooong time. I get that it can be intimidating, scary, and confusing. What I’m going to ask is that you simply put all that aside for now, and simply stick with me. My goal is to help you write a script (or just an outline!) for your next FB VIDEO AD. That is it. So, grab a piece of paper or a new Google Doc, and start writing! 

 Then, after I share these 5 ingredients with you, we’ll discuss our next steps, like how to make the video, what it should look like, etc! And trust me, it’s easier than you think!

 INGREDIENT #1: The Problem Question

 The first five seconds is… everything! And the intro is designed to do one thing: get people to keep watching! With that being said, that puts so much pressure on me (and I’m sure you as well!) that I just don’t want!

 So, unless I’ve had an unusually clever morning and a brilliant “opener” has come to me, here’s the default formula I start with…


Call Out + Pain Point + Question 


Call Out: This is your audience. Something that they define themselves by, that makes them unique over anyone else. (ex: Dog Lover, Cyclist, Author, Stay-At-Home Mom)

Pain Point: This is their #1 Struggle, Pain, or Frustration. This is easily answered by the survey results they send you!

 Question: This simply means you can lead this with a question. An example would be as follows…

“Are you passionate Dog Owner who’s frustrated because you can’t potty train your puppy?”

“Are you an Author looking to get your book in front of more people?”

 These are all questions the viewer can say YES to, and if so, they’ll continue watching… 

Bonus: The Hook!

A “hook” is that thing you say that simultaneously creates curiosity and desire in your reader (or viewer). It’s that unique element that differentiates you over everyone else. As a bonus, I suggest using a hook for your first 5 seconds so you compel your viewers to keep listening.

 One fantastic formula for your hook:


Promise + Objection Removal  or
“How to _______ Without ________”


Promise:  What’s that thing they want? What do they want to learn how to do? Master? Experience? Have?

Objection Removal: What do they think it will COST them? I’m not necessarily talking about money. Time? Effort? Other pain?

ex: “How to Make Better Marketing Videos without expensive or complicated equipment.”

…or, “How to Make Professional-Looking Marketing Videos on a Shoestring Budget.”

…or, “Are you looking to make professional-looking marketing videos without breaking the bank or wasting precious hours learning complicated software?”



 After you’ve hooked them, it’s time for an intro. The goal is create RAPPORT and establish credibility (why should I be listening to you?). But there’s also one more vital component here: CONTEXT.

This “YOU” section, helps to tell people, “Why is she even making this video? Why is she doing this?”

Here’s the easiest way you can do this:

“Hi, I’m ____(NAME)____, a ___ (AUTHORITY TITLE)____, and after years of struggling with ____(PROBLEM)_____ myself, I finally found a better way to ___(SOLVE PROBLEM)____, and today, I show __(MARKET)___ everywhere how they can ___(SOLUTION)____.”

So, it may go a little like this:

“Hi, I’m James Wedmore, a Strategic Video Marketing Coach, and I’ve been known by many as the Go-To Guy for Everything YouTube. And after years of struggling to consistently attract qualified customers into my business, I finally cracked the YouTube Code, and today I show digital businesses all over the world how they can attract more people, and generate more sales, with simple videos on YouTube, even if they’ve never made a video before in their life!”


INGREDIENT #3: What I’ve Got

 Now that they know who you are, it’s time to let the viewer know what you have. In 99% of my video ads, I’m asking my viewer to take the first step (opt in) for something for free. So, this step is simply about introducing that “something.”

 It’s as simple as:


Context + What I’ve Got


 Context: Why are you doing this? Why have you created this information (webinar, free .pdf, video, etc.)? 

What I’ve Got: Simply introduce what you have!

It should, could, or doesn’t at all have to look like this…

“After working with thousands of students all over the World, I’ve discovered there are just three ingredients to get your videos consistently ranked, found, and viewed on YouTube, no matter what niche, business, or country you live in. And I’ve put these three ingredients together in a brand new presentation I’m hosting this Thursday, entitled: How to Rank Your Videos for More Traffic, Leads, and Sales!”


 Telling your viewers WHAT you have is not enough. Especially if it’s “content” or information. SO WHAT?!

 Seriously. So…WHAT?! 

 That’s the question you’ll ask over and over until you HIT the BENEFITS right on the head and get people REALLY excited about your content!  The formula should look like:


Learn how to ________, so THAT ___________


 For example: “Learn how to rank your videos so (SO THAT!) when your ideal customers search for targeted keywords on Google or YouTube, they find YOU not your competitor." 

One to three “so whats” is all you need to build that DESIRE! Then it’s on to the final step…


INGREDIENT #5: Gimme! Gimme!

Lastly, make sure it’s VERY clear to the viewer what their next steps are! If there’s a link they need to click on, say that. If they need to opt in somewhere, make that clear. Do not assume. Don’t make it difficult.

Tell them EXACTLY what to do! Here’s my 3-Step Call to Action Formula that works every time…


What to Do + How to Do it + What Will Happen Next


With Facebook Video, your call to action should be as simple as: “click the link in the post.”

Here’s an example: “To register for this Thursday’s live training workshop, simply click the link in this post and submit your name and email on the next page. As soon as you do that, you’ll be re-directed to a thank you page with all your reservation details! Go ahead and click that link now and I’ll see you on the next page!”

Now What? Making Your Video!

Believe it or not, making the video is easy. I’m talking “smart phone” STUPID easy! In fact, some of our best video ads are the replays from a short 3-minute Facebook LIVE! Whaaaat?! It’s easy. I promise that 90% of the success of this is in the MESSAGE. What. You. Say.  …NOT how good it looks! (trust me!) 

Here an example of one of my most successful video campaigns for your inspiration!

The Surfing Video

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