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NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 426: Day 9: How my Competitor Made Me $$$!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 426: Day 9: How my Competitor Made Me $$$!

The Anatomy of the Perfect Checkout Page (10 Ingredients)

systems Jun 21, 2017

The checkout page tends to play the role of “Forgotten Step Child” in our business, doesn’t it?

We spend so much time, effort and money developing the perfect sales page, sales video, marketing materials, webinars and emails, we tend to forget about the checkout page. We  leave it to the last moment.

It’s crazy when you think about it. The checkout page is the last thing your prospect sees before deciding to take the plunge and becoming your customer or leaving for good.  We make the BIG mistake in assuming that when someone visits your checkout page, their mind has already been made up, and they’ve already decided to buy.  


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In fact, the average checkout page has an abandon rate of 60-80%. This means the vast majority of prospects who hit your checkout page end up saying “no” and leave.

What if your checkout page could actually help turn a “no” into a “hell yes!”  

What if a checkout page could stand on it’s own to literally sell your product for you?

Well, here’s how...

The 3 Functions of Your Checkout Page

Besides being a page that can collect credit card information, there are three vital and essential roles your checkout page needs to play:

#1. Sell Your Offer

#2. Eliminate Risk

#3. Make Action Easy

I’ve identified 10 things you can do right now to super-charge your checkout page and improve these three functions immediately.

Checkout Pages That Sell:

What if your checkout page was so good you didn’t need a sales page. What if it could stand alone? That’s how we need to start thinking about your checkout experience.  And it can be done with the following

1. Re-Sell & Re-State the Offer

Don’t assume that everyone who visits your checkout page is already SOLD on your offer. “They’re ready to buy!” isn’t accurate.   

The first thing your checkout page visitors should see is:

  • Your Product Name/Logo
  • Your CORE PROMISE of your offer
  • Recap of What’s Included
  • A List of Bonuses Included

2. Testimonials & Endorsements

We provide pictures, names and quick re-caps of our biggest testimonials and case studies to re-sell the effectiveness of our offers.

Checkout Pages That Eliminate Risk:

How can we eliminate the feeling of risk from your prospects when they are making the decision to invest with you?  Here are four suggestions...

1. Guarantee & Return Policy

If you have a guarantee or refund policy, make sure it is displayed prominently on your checkout page. This will give your prospects peace of mind as they pull out their wallets. (add more)  

2.  Add a Phone Number!

Your future customers are experiencing several emotions at this point.  Uncertainty. Risk. Fear. These are just a few.  “Will this work? What if it doesn’t?”

Seeing a phone number prominently on your checkout page silently invites your prospects and visitors to breathe a sigh of relief.  Adding your support email and a support phone number shows your prospects you are legit, and you don’t hide from a problem.  

Don’t have a phone? Not a problem.  A Simple “Google Voice” number that forwards to your email will do the trick!

3. Live Support NOW!

Want to add another layer of comfort and safety, a LIVE Support Option such as Zopim or SnapEngage allow your fence-sitting visitors to get their questions answered in real time!

4. Terms and Conditions

Making sure you have all the information about purchasing, terms and conditions clearly laid out on your checkout page will also help give peace of mind to your prospects before purchasing.


Checkout Pages That Inspire Action

1. An Option for Paypal

40-50% of all of our online orders are placed with Paypal.  To most, Paypal is like free “funny money.”  It’s easier to let go of.  And after countless requests from customers to accept Paypal, we made sure it was front and center... INCLUDING Paypal for payment plans!  

 2.  Provide Multiple Options to Pay

For most of our offers, we offer a payment plan for those who would like to break up their payments abit.  Having a payment plan displayed prominently on your checkout page, may just push someone from “maybe” into “hell yes!”

3.  Countdown Timer

Whether you are running a live or automated promotion, giving people a deadline will let people know they need to make a decision now.  We use a powerful piece of software called Deadline Funnel to add countdown timers to our checkout pages.  To learn more, visit:

4. Upsells

Although a traditional upsell doesn't happen ON the checkout page, it allows for easy "add-on" purchases and upgrades AFTER the initial purchase. And this can be done without the customer having to re-enter their credit card information.  

Upsells are one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your average order value.  And with the right upsell, your customer simply has to select one button and the second purchase is instantly made!

Can Your Checkout Page Do THESE 10 Things?

Chances are, you're using an outdated, poorly designed and feature-scarce checkout solution.  If your checkout page can't stand alone and sell your product for you, it's time to UPGRADE!  For the past two years, I've nothing but Samcart to quickly and easily craft beautiful, high-performing checkout pages for my business.  

And the founder,  Brian Moran has just put out a free video series on how you too can begin to harness the power of your checkout page process to increase sales and attract even more happy customers!

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