Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 426: Day 9: How my Competitor Made Me $$$!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 426: Day 9: How my Competitor Made Me $$$!

Episode 350: Best Of: Lessons From 1 Year of Hiring with Nicole Begley

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In June of 2019 I brought you a case study with 12 months of lessons from an entrepreneur who hired had recently hired her first employee – and her story was so good! Our “Best Of” episode today is with Nicole Begley, an awesome and unique niche. She is not only a pet photographer, but Nicole actually teaches and coaches other people building the same type of business. In this episode you’ll hear all about her journey and specifically how she let go of the small, “busy” tasks that weren’t generating revenue, in order to truly step into the role of the digital CEO! 

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Nicole took her passion and transitioned to the online space

  • When she knew that she had a viable online business and what her first launch looked like

  • What led to Nicole hiring her first employee in 2018 and some of the stories she was telling herself around getting help

  • The biggest mistakes she’s made along the way and the lessons that came with them

  • How Nicole is approaching the hiring of her next employee and what she’s looking at instead of just the cost

  • Her one big piece of advice for all entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses


Nicole’s Website, Instagram & Facebook Group

Her Book, Pet and Horse Photography for Everybody

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