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NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 426: Day 9: How my Competitor Made Me $$$!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 426: Day 9: How my Competitor Made Me $$$!

7 Slightly Odd Things I do on My Webinars to Increase Online Sales

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2015

It’s no secret that a well-presented webinar is one of the most effective ways to build your email list, provide incredible value to your audience and sell more of your stuff.

And you’ll know it works because…

Everyone thanks you and showers you with praise and gratitude after you make your pitch. If that’s been your experience… well done.

If not, here’s the simple secret sauce to more effective webinars:


Make your next LIVE Webinar all about being a memorable experience first.

Here is a quick list of the 7 slightly odd things I do live on my webinars to create an experience.

1. I Rock Out Before We Begin

Did you know that in some cases, music is banned in athletics?! This is because it is thought to give athletes an unfair advantage. Let’s give you that same advantage!

I call it the “pre-party.” Before my presentation begins, I greet my attendees with one of my favorite classic rock songs (or I default to something Star Wars). Sometimes there’s air guitar, and other times an epic lip-syncing battle. It’s awesome.

But why would I do this?

Music gives us energy, and it sets the tone for your presentation. If you inject infectious energy into your presentation, not only will your passion shine through, but your audience will also be more inclined to follow along with what you are teaching and sharing

2. I Stand Up the Entire Time

Even if no one can see me, I still stand up. Just like the music… it’s about creating more energy. Just imagine going to see a motivational speaker, and she sits down in a chair for 90 minutes on stage. Now think Tony Robbins. Who has more energy?

Try standing up, you’ll like it, and so will your audience!

3. I Put Way Way WAY too much TEXT on my Slides

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.46.36 AM

Any Professional Speaker would tell you NOT to put a lot (if any!) text on your slide deck. But this isn’t an in-person presentation, it’s a webinar.

And from my experience, the moment I started adding word-for-word COMPLETE sentences to slide (so they literally look like pages torn out of a book), my conversions went up.

I believe it’s for two reasons:

First, your voice combined with reading text allows the viewer to retain more information. And second, people get distracted with other things (texts, email, Facebook). However, when they can quickly get caught up on a slide by reading everything on the slide, they won’t be lost or overwhelmed.

My advice: add more text to each slide.

4. I Ask My Students to Submit a Lot of One Word Answers

When you speak on stage, you can really read your audience (are they listening, enjoying your content, etc). But how do you do that on a webinar?

Ask questions.

“Did that make sense? Put a ‘YES’ in the chat box.”

Not only can you use this to check in with your attendees, but you can also start to ask questions that guide your presentation.

Specific questions about your audience’s business, goals, etc. will allow you to directly address or visualize their wants and needs.

“Have you attended one of my webinars in the past? Put a Y for yes and N for no.”

“What is your biggest hurdle about online video?”

5. I SELL My Product in the FIRST Five Minutes

Ok, that’s not entirely true. Really, I let people know in the first five minutes that I DO have something to sell at the end of this webinar, so they should stay to the end to learn more about it.

I do this to manage expectations. If you plan to sell something on a webinar, it’s never about trying to pull the wool over your attendees’ eyes. Be straight, and tell them up front.

6. I Spend At Least 2 Hours Answering Questions…After the Webinar!

Put yourself in a buying mode. Was there ever a time that you were ready to make your decision, you just needed to get a good answer to one simple question?

The moment you realize how important your audience needs to be heard, answered and supported, BEFORE they take the next step with you, you’ll jump onboard the James’ 2-Hour Q&A Crazy Train. Trust me.

After my webinars end, I offer up some time for “Ask Me Anything.” And people do. And I end up answering every question imaginable for close to two additional hours, sometimes more.

If your attendees want to continue engaging with you, take that opportunity to build your audience’s trust! Not only will you be building your authority by going above and beyond your audience’s expectations, but you’ll also maximize the reciprocity they feel towards you.

This will only lead to more sales in the long run.

7. I Share Embarrassing Stories and Tremendous Shortcomings

This blog post you’re reading here is the first one I’ve written and posted in several months. The big reason is that I get afraid to post new content. The bigger my audience gets and the more success I have, the more I feel like I have to be perfect. It’s like they say, “the bigger they rise, they harder they fall.” Sometimes (like today), I just have to take a deep breath and press that “publish” button!

Ok, pause. The above paragraph is true and accurate. And it is also an example used to demonstrate tip #7: Be Real with people.

It’s funny to watch people try and be perfect. The problem is, no one connects with perfect. We all secretly crave the real, authentic rawness of what being a human is all about. That’s why I share stories about how I used to be really overweight, how I’m a really awkward introvert, and how I lived in my parents basement for the first few years I started my business struggling to get by…rent free.

How can you flush out details of your life that reveal your imperfections, your flaws, your humanness? Where was the struggle? The Pain? The heartbreak or the despair?

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

What to do with all this:

Let me start by saying these seven tricks work.  Or at least they work for me.  And I’ve been able to execute multiple 6-figure webinars time and time again.

But I didn’t just do my first webinar and include all seven of these things at once. I added them into the mix over time.

I suggest the same for you. Pick one or two of these that most-resonate with you and begin.

Now, if you’re looking to learn more about WHAT to say in your webinars, how to increase your conversion rates, or even how to get more people on your webinar, I invite you to join me on a webinar with my good friend Amy Porterfield, as she shows us how to create a webinar that CONVERTS!

You can learn more about the full agenda of this free training class, here:

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know below!

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