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How to Address and Overcome Any Objection Masterclass

Your $297 investment into this Masterclass is going to give you everything you need to master my 12+ proven language patterns and linguistic strategies that can turn any “no” about your program or product into a “hell yes!”

Not to mention you’re getting all of my super-powerful content framework for embedding objection dismantlers into your content so you can sell and make an impact on your prospects without ever feeling pushy or sleazy.

In fact, I’m so confident about the incredible value of this training. I’m making you THIS promise:

If you don’t walk away with at least one specific strategy for easily eliminating ANY objection, your prospects throw at you that you can plugin and use right away …

I’ll give you 100% of your money back!

Look, I don’t need to tell you that if you can’t master your ability to effectively overcome your prospects’ objections, how do you ever expect them to buy from you? The answer is: you can’t

But with the strategies and techniques I’ve developed with over 14+ years of growing a thriving, impactful digital business, you can apply these instantly, so you never again miss out on sales or on helping customers that really need your help.

So, let’s get started!

What students are saying about this training:

Overcoming objections is an art form, and there's no one better than James, in my opinion. I mean, if you have ever watched anything from James, you'll notice that he busts objections left and right. 😂 But seriously, if you wanna learn to bust your customers' objections, learn from the best!

Ken Westgard

James helps you uncover the beliefs around why someone has an objection about your product and helps you understand that it’s not that you don’t have a stellar offer. It’s just that they have their own stories that they tell themselves, preventing them from taking action. He helps you, step by step, create a plan on how to message around these key objections - whether they’re industry-specific or general objections most people have. When you learn how to do this right using this method, nothing feels salesy or forced… just a genuine connection with your audience.

Lindsay Jani

I went already through one year of objection training, but the way James is explaining it makes it so much easier to understand and use it, I love it. This is of such a high value, absolutely crucial to growing your business and financial freedom.

Elisabeth Engel

James is a master at lots of things, but I have to say his coaching on overcoming objections has been the most valuable for me and my business. It’s led to explosive growth!

Joey Vitale