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“Before joining Next Level I was overwhelmed. I had so much INCREDIBLE information inside BBD but I was stuck in a place of fear and procrastination...

James and the coaches are incredible, there’s no being let off the hook, the tough love is real but the breakthroughs are incredible. I now truly believe I have the inner tools as well as the actual tools to deliver all of the success that I desire and I have a simply wonderful community of people around me.”


“Before Next Level, 90X was a Goal Planner (product) company... We are now proud to call ourselves a coaching company that also happens to sell planners.

In addition, 90X closed the year (last year) with over $350K, this year, we are on track of hitting $600k in sales! This is both from our digital and physical sales (mainly from our digital products).”

— ALON 90X ® CEO

“What got me in the door was James’ clear technical expertise. He sees patterns and breaks things down into nitty-gritty, technical detail, which I love (and kind of need). But what got me to sign up for Next Level and has kept me in avid fan status, is that he and his team really, truly get that it’s 99% about mindset.

In this year, I’ve managed to do what I’ve been working on for the last 3 years (without really getting much traction): completing the transition from one-woman show to business owner with a team. From me doing almost everything myself, to setting up automations and workflows. Basically, I’ve finally made my business scalable. And that’s massive."


“Next Level is the fast track to success. It’s like getting on an express train and skipping local stops. I went from absolutely no online business to having a prosperous membership with monthly recurring revenue and the right team in one year. It was because of the coaching from James and his team, having a supportive community of like minded entrepreneurs plus accountability that lead me to overcome my personal blocks to this success. I did the work, but Next Level provided that accelerated train.”


“Prior to joining the program, I realized I needed to start investing in my personal growth and changing my mindset. I WANTED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! After joining BBD, I made $196K in 5 months with NO EMAIL LIST! By having James as a mentor, I have put myself in a position to learn how to genuinely serve people!”