From Zero to Seven-Figures

This is the story of how a BROKE BARTENDER started a business around his passion for helping online entrepreneurs GROW and SCALE their businesses into 6 and 7-figure empires.

Strategy + Mindset 

I haven't just been teaching ambitious online entrepreneurs how to skyrocket their businesses for the past 16+ years—I've generated over 80 Million in sales online since 2008.

I launched my first online course on YouTube in the early 2000s. I turned my passion for making videos into a million dollar business, while working only a few hours a day! Since then, I’ve taught thousands of digital course creators how to achieve LASTING success sharing their knowledge, passion and expertise, all from the inside out. I created my signature course, Business by Design, to offer digital experts at every level a model for sustained results — to build, grow and scale your digital business through effective strategies and metric-driven tools that are simple, effective and FUN.

How It Started

In 2016, I noticed a startling gap in the marketplace — The mindset needed for entrepreneurs to enjoy their freedom…or even their businesses!

Maybe you’ve noticed the attitude toward high achieving entrepreneurs can feel steeped in “hustle culture.” 

Online creators can be busy glamorizing the “grind”… Burning the candle at both ends… Running fast  in their own lane, SOLO. More often than not, the status quo emphasizes the value of putting in long hours, engaging in relentless competition, and frankly — playing a zero sum game…where the ultimate goal was “winning.” 

This mindset is quite the departure from my personal journey as an online entrepreneur. 

In fact, my philosophy and approach to business is the exact opposite. 

I started out teaching online experts how to leverage the power of video and YouTube marketing to reach more people, share their message and convert more customers. I know how to launch, scale and run a business that favors collaboration over competition, and passion over profit chasing — because I did it for myself.

AND I became obsessed with teaching it.

Today, my full focus is teaching the mindset needed for entrepreneurship. I launched The Mind Your Business Podcast and my signature program, Business By Design, to help other content creators, authors and coaches make a positive impact online, push past perceived limits, breakthrough, grow and maintain a sustainable business…all while enjoying the RIDE.

Building a multiple eight-figure business gives me the freedom to imagine and shape my life. I’ve spent the better part of two decades teaching entrepreneurs how to do the same. My programs have been featured in trade publications ranging from Entrepreneur to Forbes, and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at major industry events like Kajabi Summit to CreativeLive.

As an entrepreneur, I’m at my happiest when I’m helping others discover the same sense of autonomy, flexibility and empowerment I’ve cultivated in my own lifestyle. 

My mission is simple: show business owners how to convert sales and build lasting success living out their passion. I believe true success in business extends beyond the bottom line, it’s about enjoying a sense of real contribution, authentic connection, innovation and FREEDOM.

Play in Progress

Fun is my favorite frequency. 

Listen, you already know when you LOVE what you do: Work becomes PLAY. 

I have one simple rule when it comes to my routine: Everything I do in my business (from making videos to teaching and coaching) needs to stay FUN. When it stops being fun I stop, drop, and delegate!

Why? Because when you’re having FUN…magic happens. You access creative solutions and align with a flow state that brings about incredible, transformative solutions on a whole new level.

Here’s the truth: Getting paid to do what you love feels like unwrapping a GOLDEN TICKET.

And I promise you, it’s NOT too good to be true. 

I lead from a mindset of PLAY. Whether I’m surfing, skateboarding, or hanging with family, my "lifestyle" finds meaning by tapping into wonder and joy every. single. day.  — especially when it comes to my business. 

AND I want to invite YOU to feel the same way about running your business! Taking your goals “seriously” doesn't have to mean pressing pause on your LIFE! Or holding your breath until you reach some far away finish line on the distant horizon….

You CAN and WILL enjoy the day to day NOW when you create your business BY DESIGN.

Are you ready to call yourself a master in your arena?

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